When Crazy Looks Normal.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (specifically Somatic OCD) and General Anxiety Disorder… My doctor says I have these. I take medication for them. Without those pills, what lies behind these freckles is a whole lot of messy, weepy, people-pleasing, number-counting, breath-holding CRAY. #crazytown   This diagnosis is fairly recent so I’m actually not super familiar with these terms…

5 Things I’ve Learned As Mother Of Four

So remember back when I just kind of…disappeared?? #sorryaboutthat The thing is, I was pregnant. And then I had my baby. (( Birth story in the works, you impatient whiners… )) And suddenly I became a whole new person. I used to be a Mom to THREE…and then…I morphed into this new version of myself….