ClosetAuthor is written and maintained by Allison.

That’s me…the person writing this.

Hi, nice to meet you.

As of right now, I’m a twenty-something parent. I am raising three kids and currently baking a fourth. I share my life with my Husband. He’s my best friend. We like each other and actually enjoy spending life together. We have a dog who isn’t a whole lot smarter than my left shoe. We also have a murderous cat who keeps our backyard bird population under control.

I graduated high school and went to a University for awhile until I got lazy and gave up. I married young, had babies young and am generally unemployable. My husband was a US Navy Sailor for awhile and we owned a home for a few years. We’ve done the adult things and failed pretty miserably at most. Our kids are adorable, though. So that’s something.

I like to write. I’m fairly obsessed with words and I consider myself a collector of moments. Memory Hoarder is the most accurate thing I can think of when it comes to describing myself.

Anyway, ClosetAuthor is my new project. It’s my Baby, but it’s better than a real Baby because it doesn’t poop. And I can set it aside for a few days and it won’t die and nobody will call the cops on me for neglect, which is good because jail isn’t my scene.

I’m not everyone’s cup of coffee and neither is my writing style.

And that’s all good.

BUT I’m happy that you came by, I’m happier if you feel like you can hang out here. I’m happiest if you love it and plan to come back. You’re welcome here, just as you are.

Cheers – Me.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Hi, Allison. Our daughter’s name is Allison too. She and her husband have six kids. “Never a dull moment”, as they say. They’re great and we love them.
    Just dropped by to see how it’s going with your crew. You’re right about memories. Keep making them!
    (My blog is new too, so I’m checking out blogs that just happen to tweak my interest, even they’re completely different from my focus.)


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