Back – For Good.

Alright, alright…enough already


I’M BACK. Sheesh…can you leave me alone now??

#actually #dontdothat


It’s been awhile, I know. It wasn’t my fault, though…OKAY? The thing is that when I’m pregnant I’m basically the worst possible version of myself. At all times, in every.single.way.

#pregnancy? #nope #morelike #pregNASTY

Pregnancy isn’t kind to me. I’ve been pregnant EIGHT TIMES, I’ve given birth to FOUR healthy Babies. I’m TWENTY-EIGHT years old. As I laid on the bed in the clinic the other day for my (( very late )) 6 week post-partum check-up, she told me I wouldn’t have to be back for another three years now. My confusion must have shown up on my face because she stopped and looked at me…

“You’re in your thirties, right?”

“Not quite…I’m 28.”

(( Insert awkward silence, her eyes glazing over as she did a bit of math in her head ))

“Sweet woman, you’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding or caring for an infant for pretty much the last 8 years of your life.”

“Yep, that’s me.”

“That’s your entire TWENTIES…”


Yes, yes…this is a reaction I’ve become very comfortable with, as many people my age find me and my small ones a tad overwhelming. It’s understandable, really. I have days when I finally crawl into my bed and I think…

“What have I done? I could have been so well rested…”

#imissNaps #iguessicansleepwhenimold


SO anyway, I’m back. And things are different now, I have a completely different life than I did when I started this here bloggity-blog. The gal I was way back then had three kids. Now I have four. The end. Ok, but really…there are too many differences to list them. The differences don’t even matter anymore because there ain’t no going back.

#idontwannagoback #ilovemyFOUR #especiallytheNEWone

Don’t get me wrong, Friends. I’m not at ALL upset about the differences. In fact, I LOVE THE NEW GAL. She’s mellowed out a bit, she’s a bit more organized and a little less swollen. Her kids are a little older and she’s a little wiser – less stressed, less rested, less pregnant. And she’s FINALLY turned that LAST PAGE of the LAST CHAPTER of her life that was PREGNANCY. Guys, this is the biggest thing. Because there is so much freedom in knowing that my family is complete.

#nomobabies #NOOOMO #ever

Knowing that I’ve done this CRAZY, BEAUTIFUL thing of bringing REAL LIVE PEOPLE into this world with their big, blue eyes and enormous personalities and insane amounts of energy…oh man…I just can’t even right now.


Knowing that I can move on from this chapter being able to enjoy these real, live people and really begin to invest in who they are as individuals is super exciting to me. Babies are hard for me, toddlers especially. They aren’t the greatest conversationalists and they don’t always get my sense of humor. I LOVE MY BABIES but I’m really, really ready to see them grow and learn and experience life.


I’m sure this post is going to feel a little messy, I’ve tried to write it several times in a somewhat organized manner but there’s just too much to say right now. TOO MUCH. I’m taking this next week to gradually introduce you to the changes I’ve been planning and then we will see how it goes from there! Too many plans make me overwhelmed so let’s just stop here. I’ll be updating the FACEBOOK page with little things here and there.

For now, here’s a few pictures and a quick introduction to my BABYYYYYY! Tell me, would you be interested in reading her BIRTH STORY?? Tell me, right here, in the comments…



Zoey was born July 11, 2017. She has dark hair, dark blue eyes and olive skin. She is different from her siblings in almost every way – she enjoys sleep and really likes to sleep in with Mama. She snuggles and cuddles and loves to be held. She smiles and babbles and really likes to put her hands on faces and feel the warmth of others. She tries to suck her thumb but can’t quite figure it out yet. There isn’t a bottle or binkie that she has liked but she is the easiest baby to nurse so that’s not so bad right now.

Zoey has changed my life. She has brought such a sense of peace and a new kind of love I’ve never experienced before. It’s hard to explain…but I’ll do my best over the next few posts…

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Until next time, Friends.


Cheers – Allison.


(( PLEASE TAKE NOTE – My neighbor and pal Brenda Schaefer took the photo of my Four Loves together. She is FABULOUS and if you’re in the Treasure Valley – the Idaho one – CHOOSE HER for portraits. LOVE ❤ ))


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  1. Katie says:

    Yes pleeeeeeease!!! I love birth stories! Have I already heard it? Oh well. Tell it!!! 😘😘😘


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