As I was sitting in my chair, window open beside me and the last little bit of coffee cooling in my mug, I began writing out a post.

Then I deleted the entire thing.

I started again…and again…and again. Each time I started, I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to say but it just didn’t feel…right.

And here’s something you should know about me when it comes to this stuff.

If I ain’t feeling it, it just isn’t going to be good.

Eventually, I left the page blank and started looking through some old pictures as a familiar playlist kicked through a few 90’s hits. Picture after picture, I clicked past the memories and the faces and I thought about each of the stories and the moments captured.

Some are hilarious, some are cute…some are a bit sad.

Most of them are embarrassing.

#classclown #attentionstarved #centerofattention #alwaysafool

I began to think about how little time I spend sharing memories with old friends or new friends or any friends at all. It used to be that when my Mom had company over, she and her friend(s) would pass around hot coffee, catch each other up on life’s changes and then…

…out came the photo albums.

(( Was this your family too? Or is it just me remembering this stuff…? ))


Anyway, I thought about how much I loved sitting within earshot of my Mom as she chatted with her pals about each photo. I loved listening to her stories, especially when I was the main character. I was fascinated with the way she would tell about the moments and the laughter or the pain or the fear and how the person listening would laugh or cry or reply with a similar experience.

Storytelling was a magical, intriguing art that I adored.

Even now, as I have my own kids and my own friends who come over every once in awhile and sometimes drink fresh coffee with me as we share moments from our crazy lives…

…I am STILL completely IN LOVE with storytelling.

#allthestories #allthemoments #allthelife

And so it made me think…

Maybe I should just…tell a story.


I thought it could be a fun thing to do, an interesting way to share my own life and lessons learned along the way when I’m just not feeling the words on their own.

What do you think? Would you enjoy sipping a cup of coffee and listening to my stories as we flipped through pages of memories? Would you come over to my place, eager for more?

Maybe you can relate to the imperfect mess that is my adult life…


Maybe you’re fresh out of gossip and you could really use a bit of embarrassing craziness to laugh about over actual fresh, good hot coffee with your other, more refined, pals…

#nomatterwhatyourReasoning #wouldyoulistentoastory?


The story behind the photo that goes with this blog is ridiculous.

If you don’t know or can’t tell, it’s a picture of me and my now Husband…almost 10 years ago. It’s one of the few photos we have together that date pre-marriage.

There was no ring or official relationship at this point. When you see us now, this photo probably doesn’t even come to mind for most people. We were young and dumb and irresponsible and absolutely NOTHING like we are now. BUT…this one still has a lot to do with where we are today.

#thisisourbeginning #ourverydrunkenbeginning


AND that is where I will be leaving you…for now.

It’s been a long day and I’m sorry to leave you hanging…but I am stopping this post right here, right now.

The story goes on, it’s a good one filled with a lot of people, a lot of alcohol, a lot of embarrassment and a lot of love.

Is it worth the wait??


Read it tomorrow. Or else.



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